MTB Westerlo 2013

One of the annual events in Westerlo is the 24 hour MTB race. Some compete in group, some are crazy enough to try it on their own.

This was probably my last visit to this MTB race in Westerlo since I’m moving to another city in a few weeks.
So I was happy that the rain stopped just in time and we could enjoy some dry weather and even sunshine.

Some of the contestants were in a really good mood before the race started and I was wondering if they would still be laughing after their endeavour.

If you think that they would cruise at a very slow pace, think again !
From the first minute until the end it was a battle for the first place and they were going as fast as they could through the bends.

There were also other things to see and do. One of the activities was a spectacular bmx show.

You can find extra photos on this link.
(and see if they were still laughing)

Also check out the official website